Kevin Bacon gushes about new role in 'The Following,' and costar James Purefoy

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

When most fans think of Kevin Bacon, they associate him with the film industry. When Fox announced the Foot Loose actor would take on a regular timeslot in The Following, many were wondering why the iconic actor opted for a television series.

Kevin Williamson, show creator, explains to E! News, “When it came time to cast Ryan Hardy I was like, 'Well, we need someone like Kevin Bacon. We should get someone like Kevin Bacon,' thinking we'd never get someone like Kevin Bacon."

To much of their surprise, the real-life Kevin Bacon loved the script. He tells E!, “I knew that I wanted to do something that was heroic. And I knew that if I was going to do something heroic the guy would have to be complex and have vulnerabilities…and have a certain kind of damaged nature.”

He adds, “The show moves at a breakneck speed, and every time I get a new script, I pick it up and what I'm mostly amazed at is that both from a plot standpoint and from a character standpoint, there are so many things I don't see coming."

Bacon couldn't help but to gush about his costar James Purefoy, who plays Joe Corral. “He's a fantastic actor and incredibly well prepared,” Bacon gushes. “What's funny about those scenes with me and James is they go really fast. We shoot those things in no time."

Despite his new role as Ryan Hardy in The Following, Bacon can still be seen in some upcoming movies, including Skum Rocks and R.I.P.D. starring opposite Ryan Reynolds.

The Following airs its series premiere Monday, Jan. 21

image: Fox



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