Kevin Spacey says 'House of Cards' director David Fincher is 'obsessed with this series'

By Gina DiFalco,

At the premiere of House of Cards at the Lincoln Center on Wednesday, Kevin Spacey talked about the experience of making the show.

The show is Netflix’s first original series and it’s directed by David Fincher.

Spacey said of working with Fincher, “When he becomes obsessed with something—and believe me, he’s f***ing obsessed with this series—it’s a really good thing,” Vanity Fair reports.

“I’m the luckiest motherf***er from New Jersey you’ve ever met,” he said of the overall experience.

Other actors in the show, which is shot in Baltimore, are Robin Wright, Constance Zimmer, Sandrine Holt, Corey Stoll, and Kate Mara.

The series is created by playwright Beau Willimon and he said at the premiere that he chose to bring it to Netflix instead of another network like HBO because of their "extraordinary commitment to guarantee 26 episodes up front,” Zap2it reports.

"Since we knew we had 26 hours, we could do things in the early part of Season 1 that we knew would come back towards the end of Season 2. You can't do that with any other network out there,” he said.

House of Cards premieres on Feb. 1.

image: Netflix



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