Kris Humphries is 100% STD free!

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Kris Humphries can finally prove that he is 100% herpes free.

He attached a test result alongside his response to the lawsuit made against him by Kayla Goldberg, a woman who claimed the NBA star gave her herpes during a condomless sexual encounter in Hollywood three years ago , TMZ reported.

In the response document filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Kim Kardashian's estranged husband does not deny spending a night with Goldberg back in 2010, but he insists that he has never had or passed on the herpes virus.

He got himself checked for herpes after the night, and tested negative. In the legal document, he wants Goldberg's lawsuit against him to be dismissed. The judge has yet to rule.

Goldberg filed a sexual battery lawsuit last year against the Brooklyn Nets star, saying that Humphries passed on herpes to her after a night of unprotected sex in August 2010, Radar Online reported.

During the hearing, Humphries' attorney told Judge Ronald Sohigian that his client was planning to sue Goldberg for defamation and libel.

While Goldberg insisted that Humphries gave herpes to her, Humphries maintained that Goldberg only wanted his money.

With Kris doing the test Goldberg wants him to do, it looks like she has no other choice now other than dropping the case.

Image source: INFDaily



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