The Lakers are looking sluggish

By Jassum Gloster,

After cruising by the Portland Trailblazers, the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 103-99 in a lackadaisical manner. The 76ers have a young and fast team that gave one of the NBA’s oldest teams a lot of trouble on New Year's Day.

The last time the Lakers faced the 76ers was in Philadelphia where they won by 13 points. It’s been time and time again this season where the Lakers team was having a hard time scoring late in the game, and all-star Kobe Bryant had to pick up the slack.

When Bryant was asked about the lazy performance the Lakers showed, ESPN reports that he said, "Cause we're old as s---. What do you want? We just got to figure out how to play when we don't have that energy. We got to change things up a little bit defensively. We got to figure out what we want to do offensively, figure out what we want to do on nights when we don't have those legs or have that energy."

The Lakers were clearly not willing, or not able, to do much. Dwight Howard was basically ineffective and Pau Gasol couldn’t find the hoop if it were the size of an ocean. Gasol shot 2-12 from the field. the LA Times reports that head coach Mike D’Antoni said, "Everyone should have had their legs.”

Regardless what D’Antoni said, the Lakers are just an older team. What makes it worse is that they had three days to rest before facing the 76ers. Their next game is this Friday against their inner-city rival, the Los Angeles Clippers.



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