Lance Armstrong admitted using performance-enhancing drugs

By Gavriella Tjandra,

For the first time since he was stripped off of his titles, he admitted his wrongdoings and is apologizing in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, for her show Oprah's Next Step.

According to CNN, the cyclist was emotional during the interview in his Austin, Texas home.

He confessed to the famed TV host hours after his emotional apology to the Livestrong charity he founded, in which he was forced to surrender to, CBC reported.

The 41-year-old cyclist was stripped of the 7 victories he earned in the extraordinary cycling event Tour-de-France, lost all of his endorsements and left Livestrong last year, after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency issued a 1,000-page report accusing him of doping.

For a decade, he had been denying it, and daring anyone who would prove it.

About 100 Livestrong staff members were present during his 20-minute very emotional speech, while he choked up, apologizing to them, and stopping shortly after confessing to doping.

Livestrong spokeswoman Katherine McLane described the cyclist's speech as heartfelt and sincere.



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