Lance Armstrong biopic to be produced by JJ Abrams

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Lance Armstrong’s fall from one of the most iconic cyclists to destroying his name following allegations and his admission to using performance enhancing drugs is being turned into a biopic by JJ Abrams.

According to E! News, the film will focus on the book, Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, written by New York Times sportswriter Juliet Macur.

Cycle of Lies is slated for a June release.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the desire to put the story to film increased following Armstrong’s admission to Oprah Winfrey on Thursday. THR reports that the interview brought in 3.2 million viewers.

Armstrong spoke candidly with Winfrey, admitting that his comeback race was not fueled with PEDs, but was the reason the Anti-Doping Agency continued to pursue him. “We wouldn't be sitting here if I didn't come back,” he told Oprah.

Deadline previously reported that Sony Pictures was hoping to develop a project based on Armstrong’s life.



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