Lance Armstrong reportedly considering admitting to doping

By Daniel S Levine,

Lance Armstrong, who has already been stripped of his seven Tour De France titles, lost endorsements and been banned from cycling for life, is reportedly considering admitting to doping.

Insiders close to the situation told The New York Times Friday that Armstrong has told his associates and anti-doping officials that he is considering making a public admission to using banned substances during his career.

Armstrong has been followed by charges of doping for over a decade and gave up his fight against the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, although he still said that he had not used performance enhancing drugs. After the USADA released its investigation that showed that Armstrong had been running a doping ring within his racing team, the International Cycling Union stripped him of his titles. He then stepped down from his chairman role at his charity, Livestrong and lost a major endorsement deal with Nike.

According to the Times’ sources, Armstrong has been feeling the pressure from wealthy Livestrong donors and others to admit to doping. The sources also said that he hopes that by admitting guilt, he could be reinstated and compete again.

However, Armstrong does face a legal battle with the government. The whistle-blower case accuses Armstrong and other United States Postal Service team members of violating an agreement with the government to not use banned substances while racing under the USPS banner.

Tim Herman, Armstrong’s attorney, told the Times that a confession isn’t being considered and that “Lance has to speak for himself on that.” He also denied that Armstrong met with anti-doping officials.



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