Lance Armstrong sued over books

By Shay Trotter,

The recent Lance Armstrong drama continues, this time with a lawsuit regarding the cyclist’s books.

According to Omg!, Rob Stutzman and Jonathan Wheeler, two readers of his books from Sacramento, California, have filed a class-action lawsuit saying that Armstrong’s publishers sold information that was promoted as fact when it was actually false.

The lawsuit stated that the individuals were under “the false belief that they were true and honest works of nonfiction when, in fact, Defendants knew or should have known that these books were works of fiction."

Time reported that in Armstrong’s books, It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life and Every Second Counts, he denied using any sort of drugs.

“Our team had ‘zero tolerance’ for any form of doping … It sounded like the usual clichéd statement, but we meant it. We were absolutely innocent,” Armstrong wrote in Every Second Counts.

It is not yet known how much money the readers are asking for from Armstrong, as all the lawsuit demands is "any statutorily permissible damages, attorneys' fees, expenses and costs."



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