LAPD remains on guard following Chris Brown-Kris Jenner swatting incidents

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Following numerous cases of swatting, the Los Angeles Police Department is in discussions as to how to handle future emergency situations.

While the emergency response time isn’t going to change, Los Angeles Times reports, officials are currently trying to train officers as to what merits a swatting situation.

The LAPD notes they still plan to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. Deputy Chief Debra McCarthy explains, “We haven’t changed the way we respond, because in life and death situations you must respond always prepared, good or bad. But we want to be really careful it is not a prank and this isn’t the home of some unsuspecting individual. We have to be extra vigilant because this is occurring.”

The issue stems from the numerous cases of false calls claiming incident, or swatting, which send emergency officials to the home of a celebrity in massive numbers and at times includes the SWAT team.

The most recent incident includes rapper Chris Brown, while last week Kris Jenner’s home was a target. Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus’s homes have all fallen victim to swatting.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitman explains, “As we become more advanced, the Sheriff’s Department is responding appropriately to each occurrence. We are getting better about identifying what is real and what is not.”



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