'The Last Stand' star Arnold Schwarzenegger weighs in on comparisons between shootings and movie violence

By Gina DiFalco,

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known as an action movie star, is weighing in on the debate about real-life violence coming from film violence.

On the heels of 20 innocent children’s lives being taken in Newtown, Connecticut, Schwarzenegger, who stars in his first film(The Last Stand) since stepping down from being California governor, doesn’t think there’s a connection between the two.

"You have kids, so you just immediately imagine what it would be like to have kids in that school," he told USA Today. "You cannot even relate to it when something like this happens. How horrific it is for the kids."

"It's entertainment, people know the difference,” he added. His Last Stand producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, chimed in, "Sane people know the difference."

The Last Stand centers heavily on gangs, violence and drugs, but Schwarzenegger doesn’t think those themes belong in the same conversation as tragic school shootings.

“We have to separate the two," he said, E! Online reports. "What's most important is that we as a society do a better job to prevent these sort of things. You cannot totally eliminate them. There will always be some crazy guy out there shooting. There are mentally ill people. The question is, what can we do?"

He concluded, "It's finger-pointing.I wouldn't just go pointing at the NRA that it's their fault. Or video games. Or gun manufacturers. The reality is, it's a very complex issue. Look, anyone that makes the first shot their mother, you know that does not come from a movie. It's mental illness. Insanity. If we don't address that, we don't have much.”



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