Laurence Fishburne got restraining order against stalker

By Gavriella Tjandra,

The Matrix star got a restraining order against a man who, according to Fishburne’s court report, had been allegedly stalking him and his family, and claiming the ownership of Fishburnes’ house.

According to E!, the 52-year-old stalker, named Anthony Francis, rang the security intercom of Fishburnes’ residence on New Year’s Day, at approximately 4.30pm, and told Fishburne’s wife, Gina Torres, that he was the rightful owner of the house, and told them to move out.

Upon checking to the LAPD’s Hollywood Station, the police confirmed Francis’ identity, telling Fishburne that the stalker had a criminal record for making criminal threats and cyber stalking, and advised the Fishburnes to obtain an order of protection.

Francis even left a letter on the Fishburnes’ mailbox, telling them to evacuate immediately, and attaching his home address and phone numbers, as stated in TMZ.

“You are to leave this house immediately, this means all tenants are to evacuate ASAP,” read the note.

According to E!, Francis had been ordered to stay as far as 100 yards from Fishburne, Torres, and their two daughters.



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