Lindsay Lohan agrees that NY Times expose was mostly accurate

By Daniel S Levine,

The New York Times got an extensive look at what it is like to work with Lindsay Lohan on a movie set, exposing the difficulties of working with the troubled actress who is still trying to get her career back on track. Although it gave some unflattering details about her life, Lohan reportedly agrees with the piece, but there are still some details that she disagrees with.

Times magazine writer Stephen Rodrick focused on the making of The Canyons, talking with director Paul Schrader. The piece reveals that she was one fired after she was late to the first table reading, but Lohan managed to talk them into hiring her back.

According to TMZ, Lohan is telling her friends that most of the story is true. She did have problems filming in the nude and often argued with producers.

However, she claims that she was never boozing on the set and drove afterwards. Sources say that Schrader did bring alcohol on set, but Lohan denies partying with the other crewmembers.

Despite her objections, Lohan is happy with the story and did enjoy everyone she worked with. She says that Schrader even wants to work with her again.

E! News notes that elsewhere in the piece, Rodrick writes that Lohan was disappointed with Liz & Dick, too and she apparently wants to go to Africa.

The Canyons also stars adult film star James Deen, who got a yelling from Lohan on set. There is no word on when the film will make its debut.

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