Lindsay Lohan caught smoking- 'too sick' to appear in court?

By Sarah McClanahan,

Lindsay Lohan will not make her scheduled Wednesday court appointment in Los Angeles because she is too sick to fly in from New York.

Despite an impending court date this coming Wednesday in Los Angeles for violating her probation and lying to a police officer about a car accident, Lindsay Lohan will not be leaving New York any time soon.

TMZ reports that Lohan’s new lawyer, Mark Heller, has submitted documents notifying the judge she is too ill to fly and thus he will be flying out to California to represent and speak on her behalf. Her doctor has confirmed she has an upper respiratory infection, and for her own safety as well as that of others, she is to stay put for the time being.

As further proof, Heller also sent the judge an article from the January 11 edition of The New York Post outlining the state’s flu epidemic.

However, paparazzi pictures have surfaced showing Lohan shopping and smoking in SoHo on Saturday.

According to CNN, Judge Sautner has made it known in past hearings that she is not pleased with Lindsay’s incessant partying and drinking.

Sautner has told her, “Live your life in a more mature way, stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work.”

If she is in fact lying, the judge could send a warrant out for her arrest.



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