Lindsay Lohan makes it to court, avoids jail time for now

By Daniel S Levine,

Lindsay Lohan managed to make it to court after all on Wednesday for a hearing related to her misdemeanor charges for lying to police this summer. Judge Stephanie Sautner, who sounded tired of having to deal with the troubled star, scheduled two further court dates in March.

There were reports that Lohan wasn’t going to make it to the hearing as required, but her new lawyer, Mark Heller, explained that she showed up out of respect, notes Fox News.

Sautner was not interested in hearing about Lohan’s ‘upper respiratory infection.’ “Is that like a cold?” she asked Heller.

He replied that it wasn’t and compared it to the flu.

“No it’s not...The flu is the flu,” she replied. Sautner, who allowed Heller to take over for Shawn Holley, also didn’t want to hold a conversation with Heller, telling him, “Flattery doesn't get you anywhere in this court.”

TMZ reports that Sautner warned Lohan that even if she doesn’t get found guilty for lying to police, they could still find that she violated her probation.

Sautner is retiring, so she will not be presiding over the March 1 hearing she scheduled for Lohan’s case. Lohan will probably not be there either, since she is not required to attend. However, she will have to show up on March 18.

Lohan arrived in a black dress and with her mother, Dina, by her side. They were five minutes late to the hearing.



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