Lindsay Lohan now attending court appearance following photos of her smoking surface

By Gavriella Tjandra,

After stating her absence in Wednesday court hearing because of health problem, Lindsay Lohan has suddenly regained her health. Lohan's upper respiratory infection is no longer stopping her from traveling to Los Angeles - as how it used to.

The Liz & Dick actress' new lawyer, Mark Heller, was supposed to represent Lohan in the L.A. hearing himself, but Lohan decided to appear in the hearing, CNN reported.

Heller had previously submitted the proof that Lindsay was unable to fly to the judge.

He attached a Park Avenue doctor's letter, saying the actress has an upper respiratory infection therefore unable to fly - for her own and public safety, TMZ reported.

Heller also included an article from New York Post on January 11, about flu epidemic that has struck New York.

It, however, was proven incorrectly by photographs of Lohan shopping in New York Soho, the same date that "doctor" examined her.

Not only she was enjoying her retail therapy time, she was also seen smoking - something that she had to avoid if she had an upper respiratory infection.

Lohan had had a lot of run-ins with the law ever since 2007, when she was first charged with drunk driving.

Judge Stephanie Sautner, who saw the photographs of Lohan's New York shopping, advised her to act mature, stop nightclubbing, and to focus on her work.



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