Lindsay Lohan sues manufacturer of clothing line

By Deana DeLisio,

Dare we report another Lindsay Lohan court case?

But wait.. There’s a spin on this..

She’s the plaintiff!

Apparently, Lohan’s previous partner is still manufacturing her clothing and selling under the actress’ infamous 6126 Collection.

Lohan is reportedly in federal court suing her clothing label partners for fraud, breach of contract and trademark infringement stated NY Daily News. The lawsuit is seeking $1.1 million and is also requesting payment for royalties and other unknown payments. The suit is against D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries LLC.

In addition to not compensating Lohan, D.N.A.M had agreed to support and expand the actress’ 6126 brand by opening a showroom in New York City that would help to build upon the line’s swimwear and cosmetics. This was included in the lawsuit accompanied by a request for the company to stop using Lohan’s brand name 6126.

“Lindsay’s very passionate about her apparel line and about designing,” her attorney Perry Wander said as stated in The Associated Press. “The purpose of this suit is to wrest control of her trademark away from this company that’s been selling items overseas and online under the 6126 trademark.”

Lohan, who is possibly facing jail time, wishes to design a new line.



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