Lindsay Lohan turns down big ‘Dancing with the Stars’ offer

By Daniel S Levine,

At this point, Dancing With The Stars fans know more about who won’t be competing in March than who actually will be in the new season of ABC’s reality show. Lindsay Lohan, who could really use the money, is the latest to turn the show’s producers down.

According to TMZ, sources say that Lohan is convinced that she is above doing reality TV. So, even when DWTS producers offered her $550,000, she turned them down. That money could have gone to paying off the rest of the taxes she owed. Charlie Sheen’s check could only go so far.

Lohan believes that she can get along working only in films, even after a New York Times expose on The Canyons revealed how hard she was to work with. Even if she did pull off a great performance in the film, it will be hard for anyone to see, since it was rejected by Sundance organizers and still doesn’t have a distributor. TMZ says that Lohan has received few job offers since the expose.

Meanwhile, this is also another hit for the DWTS producers. Ann Romney has already turned them down and Miss Alabama Katherine Webb isn’t walking through that door either. The show took a hit in ratings this fall despite the All-Star angle. The show starts its Spring season in March.

The producers would not comment on the TMZ story, only saying, “We don't comment on casting.”



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