Lindsay Lohan's lawyer and psychic predict positive outcome in legal battles

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

2013 may bring actress Lindsay Lohan a clean slate as her attorney appeared in court Monday morning on behalf of charges stemming for her November 29 club brawl and exited telling reporters that a psychic predicts his client will be exonerated.

The irony behind Mark Heller's, LiLo’s attorney, statements is that Tiffany Mitchell, the woman Lohan was arrested for allegedly hitting in Avenue nightclub, was actually a psychic.

Lohan was not required to attend court this morning, and Heller did not meet with a judge, but instead inside a private court room. E! News reports that no official criminal case has been filed against the Mean Girls actress and thus she wasn’t required to go to court.

Heller explained to reporters, “It may very well be this case does not move forward...ironically a psychic fortune teller has predicted the year 2013 will be an extremely lucky year for Lindsay Lohan.”

Additionally, E! notes that a witness who is not associated with Lohan came forward telling the district attorney that the troubled actress made “no contact” with Heller despite claims to the contrary.

“Of course Lindsay is pleased with the thorough job that the district attorney's office is doing,” Heller expressed.

It has not been noted when Lohan or Heller are expected back in court.

image: INFDaily



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