Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer never met his sponsor

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Lindsay Berger Sacks, a newly appointed sponsor for Lindsay Lohan's new attorney Mark Heller, claimed that she has never met nor spoken to the New York-based lawyer.

TMZ reached Berger Sacks, and she said she has never had a single contact with Heller, nor ever practiced any law in her life.

Next, she admitted of having contact with a close friend from middle school, Peter Toumbekis, a lawyer who previously has worked closely with Heller. She believes that she is working with Toumbekis, not Heller.

Despite all those, Toumbekis did not sign the paperwork of Lohan's case, Heller did. It gets more complicated when Berger Sacks' signature is present in the paperwork Heller's name is as well.

To clarify why Lindsay Berger Sacks signed the paper, her husband, who is also a lawyer, said Heller's law firm is stated in the paperwork, and Toumbekis is noted to be working for the firm - he will even come to the hearing next week.

Even if it is, the confusion starts even more when Heller's name is written to be the one who asks for representing Lohan, not Toumbekis.

According to The Daily Mail, New York-based Heller, who is not licensed to practice law in California, has filed a legal document for permission to represent Lohan in the lying-to-authorities case. He needs a California lawyer to gain that permission, and to sponsor him.

Having thousands of active sponsor list, Heller chose someone who is recorded for being absence in law practice for almost 17 years - food socialite Sacks.

Heller has not commented.



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