'Lovelace' star Amanda Seyfried says character was abused and exploited

By Christopher Rosa ,

In perhaps her most daring and controversial role yet, Amanda Seyfried plays famed porn star Linda Lovelace in the film Lovelace. The film has had controversy around it since its inception and Seyfried recently discussed the project.

The Associated Press reports Seyfried had trouble letting go of her role.

"I had a hard time letting go of Linda at the end of the movie," Seyfried said. "I had a really intense time with (co-star) Peter Sarsgaard. I think we had a hard time letting go because we went to these places."

In the film, Sarsgaard plays Lovelace's abusive husband, and Seyfried spoke about the interesting dynamic between the characters.

"He played a man who consistently beat his wife. And I played a woman who was raped and abused, psychologically and physically. I was constantly taking my clothes off. I didn't have an issue with that. She had an issue with that. So it was a lot."

Seyfried was relieved to get this role after she found out she was cast as Cosette in the Oscar-nominated film Les Miserables. Seyfried says if she had not gotten the part three weeks after Lovelace wrapped, she might have "carried Linda for a long time, and it could have been unhealthy," despite knowing beforehand the role would be provocative and dangerous.

"It is risky and people did not stop reminding me of that. But I also really wanted a challenge. It appealed to me in that way," Seyfriend said. "And this woman had a fascinating story. There are things that a lot of people don't know. People have an idea of her. It's very one-dimensional."

The Celebrity Cafe reported the film got picked up by RADiUS-TWC after the Sundance premiere. It is based on Lovelace's own memoir Deep Throat and will be released in July 2013.



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