‘Mad Men’ to return in April with two-hour premiere

By Daniel S Levine,

Thankfully, the wait for Mad Men Season Six will not be as long as it was for Season Five. Creator Matthew Weiner and AMC have confirmed today that the critically acclaimed drama will be back in April with another two-hour premiere.

Mad Men’s fifth season ended with plenty of questions surrounding the employees at ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. As the show continues to move forward in the 1960s, Weiner remained vague in an interview with The New York Times today. He wouldn’t even confirm the year that the season will take place in.

“It will advance in time, as it does,” the showrunner would only say. “I can’t say how much or how little. We’re coming off a period in Don’s life where he’s trying to normalize, and trying to have this relationship – a real relationship with this woman that he fell in love with. She expressed her desires and that was a surprise for him. On this show, it’s a very rich, full orchestra, and we like to follow what is the next stage in these people’s lives.”

He did tell Entertainment Weekly that “more than a week” has passed since the end of Season Five.

As for the two-hour premiere, which will air on April 7 at 9 p.m., Weiner said, “If you like the show, there’s a good chance you’ll like the premiere.” He confirmed that the two-hour episode is structured more like a movie than last season’s opening.

“It is its own story and hopefully it foreshadows the rest of the season,” he told EW. “You should know what happened at the end of last season before you see the episode. The whole season is in reference to last season.”

Mad Men’s cast includes Jon Hamm as Don Draper, Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson and January Jones as Betty Draper.

“With the shadow of the show ending — and with the world in the state that it’s in, which is far more important than the show – the writers and the actors and I have been able to get into a groove about a season that may be accidentally relevant just because it was in our minds,” Weiner explained to EW. “We’ve been taking advantage of the 26 episodes we have left to do all the things that we’ve wanted to do, and so far I think that the audience is in for quite a ride.”



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