Madonna stalker sentenced to three years probation

By Sarah McClanahan,

Retired New York City firefighter Robert Linhart who has been arrested twice for stalking Madonna avoided jail, but was sentenced to three years probation and anger management courses.

According to The New York Daily News, the now 61-year-old Linhart crossed the line back in 2010 when he camped outside of Madonna’s apartment building twice, trying to capture her attention with handmade posters, such as, “The universe brought us together in 1992 and again this year in Prague. Meet me please.” Both times, her security intervened and he was arrested.

Furthermore, the Daily News reports that he was in court Wednesday. His lawyer, Lawrence LaBrew, and Supreme Court Justice Laura Ward agreed that he did not have to serve jail time. LaBrew capitalized on Linhart’s heroism, “Mr. Linhart served with the New York City Fire Department for 20 years. He put his life on the line for the citizens of New York.”

He was convicted solely for resisting arrest and the verdict was settled at three years of probation and a number of anger management classes.

He took to Twitter using the handle @Madonna_Stalker to express his disdain at his arrest, accusing Madonna of being a hypocrite for advocating free speech and then using her security to take that fundamental right away from him. “Funny, I just heard Madonna say that she supports freedom of speech [sic]. I think that she should inform her security of her beliefs,” he wrote.

Hopefully this trial is the last time we’ll hear of him in this light. The Daily News notes the strong, unidirectional love Linhart felt towards her may well be over. “I don’t feel the same about her,” he said. “She’s enjoying her life with her 24-year-old boyfriend [Braham Zaibat].”

Image: INF Daily



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