Matthew Macfadyen, ‘Game of Thrones’ star Jerome Flynn talk new series ‘Ripper Street’

By Daniel S Levine,

Pride and Prejudice’s Matthew Macfadyen and Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn co-star in the new BBC America series Ripper Street. This promises to be a very different British period drama than Downton Abbey and premieres on the network tonight. The two stars spoke about the show in recent interviews to promote the show.

Macfadyen stars as Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, the head of a London unit charged with keeping the city safe after the Jack the Ripper murders. Flynn plays Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake.

Macfadyen told The New York Daily News that he liked the character of Reid “because of the writing.”

“He’s not a stock type, some jaded copper. He’s a forward-thinking man who sees that the world is changing with all the technology that’s about to arrive, and wants to stay ahead of it,” he added.

Flynn, who is best known as Bronn in Game of Thrones, really enjoyed the opening scene in the series, which features him boxing undercover.

“I was just a bit over keen and he was a big guy… and I brought my neck up into his fist, so I was a bit, crocked for a few days,” Flynn told Access Hollywood. “But… it was nice to be able to satisfy that kind of Rocky fantasy and get in the ring.”

He added that he enjoys training for a role, especially this one. “It’s always nice to have to train for a part, because it just gets you into the psychology, and he’s a very physical guy and violence is something that defines Mr. Bennet Drake quite a lot.”

Writer/creator Richard Warlow told CNN that he hopes the show looks into how Jack the Ripper still resonates today, well over a century after the murders happened.

Ripper Street premieres at 9 p.m. tonight on BBC America.



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