Michael Lohan called daughter an escort, but refused to admit later

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Michael Lohan called his 26-year-old daughter a highly-paid escort – but later refused to admit that he said so.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Lindsay was desperate for money, and started offering services to rich playboys.

She had not responded so far, but her father Michael did.

He said, “She’s getting paid for dating rich men. Dina (Lindsay’s mother) is pimping her out, it’s disgusting!”

Michael, however, was not the only key person to this event, there was a source close to The Hollywood Gossip who revealed her new life.

“The dates last for days, and the guys pay for everything - hotel, travel costs, food, whatever - as well as jewellery and other gifts,” said the source.

One of Lindsay’s most high-profile clients was Prince Abdul Azim, a third in line for Bruneian throne. He reportedly paid $100,000 for Lindsay to spend New Year’s Day with him in London.

Another client was the famed Spanish-American painter Domingo Zapata, who allowed her to stay in his NYC apartment’s penthouse for days, and his L.A. pad at Chateau Marmont for months.

Michael is now telling TMZ, “By absolutely no means did I ever make such a statement ... Ever!

“Sure, Lindsay and [other celebs] make personal appearances and get paid for it! Sure, she and they get paid to go to birthday parties and other occasions! But for sex? Are you kidding me?"

“I would never say that because she would never do that and it never happened!”



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