Mila Kunis stalker sentenced to rehabilitation

By Gavriella Tjandra,

The accused Mila Kunis stalker, who waited outside her Beverly Hills gym for three days in a row, was ordered to spend six months in a live-in rehabilitation facility, due to violation of his restraining order.

He had been in custody since he was arrested May of last year for stalking, and pleaded not guilty, E! News reported.

Due to strong evidence, the L.A. Superior Court Judge George Lomeli sentenced Stuart Lynn Dunn to five years probation, and extended the order to stay away from the Black Swan actress.

Last February, the restraining order had been placed against Dunn when the 27-year-old stalker broke into a vacant condominium owned by Kunis. In May, he was taken into custody following the gym stalking incident, E! News reported.

LAPD Detective John Gregozek testified last June saying that Kunis told the police that she was in fear for her safety.

According to Daily Fill, Kunis called the authorities last year on May 4 when she felt unsafe, being watched suspiciously by Dunn after exercising. Within minutes, her safety team and the police swarmed the exterior of Kunis's gym.

“The call for service came out because the individual is affiliated with a stalking investigation,” an LAPD representative confirmed. “Sounds as if there has been some prior contact with this person."

She could identify Dunn as the guy who entered her apartment in February, and he was detained by the authorities.



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