Miley Cyrus says new album is a 'weird mixture' of metal, hip-hop and country music

By April Chieffo,

Anticipation has been building for Miley Cyrus’ new album.

It may take a little while longer for Miley fans to hear her new music, since she wants to make sure it is the best it can be before she can release it, but in the meantime, she continues to talk about her new material.

Miley says a weight has been lifted off her shoulders ever since leaving behind her Disney days. She has been given the freedom to make the album that she has always wanted to make. An album that truly screams Miley Cyrus.

“I've never gotten to make a record like this because Disney's always been on my back saying, ‘You've got to promote the TV show in two months, so make sure your record's done...and when you promote your record, can you promote the show, the movie, and the Hannah Montana record?’” she told Cosmopolitan. “I was basically carrying two people's careers and trying to make mine the priority. Now, it's almost like being a new artist and trying to make a first impression. I think the best thing I could have done was take those two years off to really live, because now people don't think of me as who I was on the TV show.”

Now, instead of being a pop princess, she is trying a new mix of sounds, which she previously described as “dirty south hip-hop.” She has worked with Tyler, the Creator, Pharrell Williams and Mary J Blidge. She says this album is influenced by the music she grew up on.

“I really didn't want to make a hip-hop record, and I'm not trying at all to be a Rihanna or a Nicki [Minaj]....That's not my vibe. When I was growing up, my older brother would sneak me Nelly CDs, my dad had me listening to Dolly [Parton] and Johnny [Cash], and my mom is a complete metal head,” she said, according to MTV News. “So this record is a weird mixture of all that.”

Photo; Cosmopolitan



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