Miley Cyrus shares photos from her Cosmo shoot (Video)

By April Chieffo,

Miley Cyrus strikes a pose on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s March issue and shows that she’s not a little girl anymore.

Styled by Rachel Zoe, the 20-year-old starlet is nearly topless on the cover of the magazine as she poses in “lady clothes.”

The magazine doesn’t hit stores until February 5, but Miley shared more photos from her shoot on Twitter. The three looks she shared were very different, because as she explained to Cosmo, she likes all types of fashion.

“I have a whole section in my closet that’s just archives, that’s just things that I shouldn’t wear, but I want to own. I have so many things that are all Victorian, from, you know, 1920s,” she explained in a behind the scenes video. “I have a hoarding problem where I just want to own the clothes. Even if they’re too ugly to wear, I buy them because they’re too ugly to wear. I just want to own them. I just have to buy that kind of stuff.”

She shows she’s all grown up in mature fashions for the magazine, but she admits that she used to make terrible choices when it came to clothes. She said her fashion choices used to be “tacky.”

“I definitely had some sketchy fashion moments in the beginning of my career because my mom would just, kind of, style me,” she said. “…sketchy choices like [a] disgusting bedazzled cross, something [paired with] a bedazzled jacket. [it was just] tacky.”

Watch behind the scenes video from Miley’s Cosmo shoot below:

images: Cosmopolitan via Miley Cyrus's Twitpics



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