Mindy McCready investigated after boyfriend's death

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Country star Mindy McCready was investigated for any possible role she played over her boyfriend, David Wilson's death.

The latest proof clarified that Wilson had an affair and threatened to leave McCready on the same day of his death, The Hollywood Life reported.

An unidentified source admitted of knowing that Wilson had been having an affair.

“David had been carrying on an affair for many weeks before the shooting. When Mindy found out, it fueled a lot of very heated fights.”

The source continued, “The tension in their household became so unbearable that David packed up and left. He returned several days later to tell Mindy that he was going to leave her for good."

The initial report claimed that Wilson died of self-inflicted gunshot wound, and the authorities were not sure if he was home alone or not at that moment.

McCready was the one that made the phone calls to 911, with the emergency operator admitting to hearing a man moaning in the background during the phone call.

The country star told the 911 operator that she did not hear the gunshot because the volume on TV was too loud.

The source said, "There [seem to be] a lot of elements to the case that police feel simply don’t seem to add up."

E! News reported that McCready did not even attend her boyfriend's memorial service on January 19.

A close friend of Wilson said, "She might have wanted to deal with it in her own way. I think she wanted something more private with her family in Heber Springs."

McCready has not yet responded to the allegations.



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