‘The Mindy Project’ Recap: ‘Harry & Sally’

By May Chan,
Will Mindy’s escapades with Brendan end?

As Mindy and Brendan are in bed together looking at the stars, Brendan discovers a few surprises about Mindy, like the fact that she carries “Brown Bear,” a pan, a mask, and knife in bed with her.

Mindy asks Brendan if he could accompany her to a cocktail party, but her friends-with-benefits partner isn’t into the whole dating aspect of their relationship.

So, Mindy brings her best friend, Maggie, with her to the party. Also at the party are Mindy’s handsome co-workers, Danny and Jeremy.

Danny, who brought “Eye Patch” with him, shows the girl he’s seeing that he isn’t exactly the kindest guy in the world when he calls out a kid for not coming to the party in cocktail casual attire.

“Lucky bastard!” Danny exclaims in front of an aghast Jillian.

Maggie, on the other hand, only has eyes for Jeremy as evident when she wheelchairs her way to a corner with him only to block him from escaping from her grasp. Talk about playing hard to get!

Meanwhile, Danny makes himself at home by making a sandwich. When he interrupts Mindy and Jillian talking, he automatically assumes they’re talking about seals because he thinks Jillian works at an aquarium, but Jillian corrects Danny stating that she works at a marine research lab.

As Mindy mingles around, she accidentally grabs an appetizer off a random stranger’s plate. Mindy assumes the guy is a waiter, but he’s just hungry. Mindy hits it off with Jaime, but she assumes the girl he has on his lap is his girlfriend, but Lucy is his best friend.

At a coffee shop, Danny complains about the spicy Mexican hot chocolate in front of Jillian. After witnessing Danny's complaint, Jillian breaks up with Danny.

Back at the office, Mindy and her other co-workers advise Danny to make a grand gesture to win Jillian back.

During a dinner date, Mindy and Jaime look to be having a great time until Lucy sends the couple a bottle of wine. Jaime then proceeds to call Lucy to thank her and the date is ruined there when Mindy walks out on the date. And even though Brendan texted Mindy, Mindy ignored him at first until the end of the date.

At the marine research lab, Morgan helps Danny surprise Jillian. As Morgan asks Jillian what’s wrong with her relationship with Danny, Danny does not want him to do the asking. However, when Jillian reveals to Danny he’s just a plain jerk who doesn't listen, the grand gesture plan fails.

While at the theater with Maggie, Mindy bumps into Brendan on a date with a refugee girl. Angry towards Brendan, Mindy questions the status of their relationship, but Brendan clearly tells Mindy that he's not her boyfriend.

Nevertheless, Mindy takes her own advice by making a grand gesture at the Latin class Jaime’s teaching at by dressing up as Indiana Jones. When Jaime forgives Mindy for walking out on the date, a flirty Mindy says, “I’ll see you at the Temple of Doom.”

For more adventures with Mindy, tune into The Mindy Project on Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

Photo courtesy of Fox.



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