Monopoly to kill off one token, who will you vote for?

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Monopoly has implemented a gruesome ploy to bring players back to the game. Hasbro is threatening to kill off one famous piece, unless fans vote to save it.

According to Business Insider, one popular token out of the thimble, the car, the shoe, the top hat or the iron will lose its place in the game to the likes of a newly added helicopter, guitar, cat, diamond ring or even a robot.

The voting is being promoted on Facebook and whichever piece gets the lowest amount of votes will not live to see another day in the game. LA Times reports that the current tokens in danger include the iron and the wheelbarrow, while the dog and the racecar are expected to make it on top of the vote.

Additionally, LA Times notes that this is not the first time Hasbro has given tokens the boot- the game previously included a lantern, a purse, a rocking horse and a trolley car.

The announcement of the surviving tokens will take place on Feb. 6.

image: Facebook



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