Monopoly sending one piece to jail permanently, fans will pick new piece

By Daniel S Levine,

Hasbro, the makers of the iconic Monopoly game, said Tuesday that one piece will be sent to jail and really will never get to pass go or collect $200.

The company posted a poll on the game’s official Facebook page, in which fans get to pick their favorite piece. The one that received the lowest vote total will get a life sentence in jail.

So far, the dog and car pieces are relatively safe, but fans of the iron and wheelbarrow need to come out in force. Those two pieces so far have the lowest vote totals.

Fans can choose from robot, cat, ring, helicopter and guitar for the new piece.

Third parties are already pushing for their chosen piece. 9Lives mascot Morris The Cat is telling his fans to chose the cat.

According to USA Today, Hasbro’s last Monopoly game with the soon-to-be retired piece will be the “Golden Token” edition, which will only be available at Target. It will also come with all of the new pieces. The first edition with the new piece that wins the poll will be released in the summer.

“There's a love affair with the token that each player has settled on over time. It's very seldom that you see a player not care about what token represents them on the game board,” Monopoly historian Philip Orbanes told USA Today.

The poll will be open until Feb. 5.

image: Facebook



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