More than 50 injured in NYC ferry crash

By Daniela Duron,

A ferry carrying commuters from New Jersey crashed into a dock in Lower Manhattan Wednesday, injuring 57 people.

USA Today reports that two of the injured are in critical condition. Around 155 firefighters responded and cared for the injured on the scene. Many had to be carried out on stretchers and transported to hospitals around the area.

More than 340 passengers were on the ferry. According to reports by CBS, many passengers were getting ready to get off at the time of the impact, causing many to be thrown around when the ferry crashed.

"All of the sudden, the boat felt like it smashed into a wall," a witness told WCBS-TV, a New York station. "Dozens of passengers got thrown out of their seats, got thrown forward. Some were heading downstairs and just flew down the stairs and hit their heads on various polls and walls."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was reportedly at the scene with other officials examining the crash.



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