National Peanut Butter Day Top 10

By Chris Baggiano,

To celebrate the greatest spread on Earth, here’s a top 10 list of best peanut butter inspired foods. And don’t forget the reason for the season, George Washington Carver. Chunky lovers need not apply.

1) Peanut Butter Sauce Ice Cream Topping

This is, far and away, the greatest ice cream topping in the history of the world. Sorry Hot Fudge. Move over sprinkles. Seriously, cherry? Nothing goes better on vanilla or chocolate ice cream better than peanut butter sauce. Unfortunately this rare breed is only available at some Dairy Queen locations, Friendly’s, Baskin Robbins, and Maggie Moo’s (I believe). This also works for PB milkshakes. Make sure to comment below if you know of any other places that carry this topping, especially in Central Texas.

2) Actual Peanut Butter

I prefer the non-organic, non-crunchy/chunky, straight up smooth national brand. I like mine spreadable, not in peanut paste form. To each their own though. Also make sure to scroll to the bottom for a deliciously fattening dessert.

3) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

I suppose you can include any mixture of chocolate and peanut butter but you can never go wrong with a Reese’s. The miniatures are the most delicious of all the cups. Why do the special Reese’s treats always taste better than the normal cups? Can’t wait for some delicious Reese’s hearts.

4) Thai Peanut Sauce

I’m not sure how they make it but I feel like chunky peanut butter has to be involved in some way. Yes, I know I said no chunky on this list but technically it goes on entree dishes so I will allow it. No spreading of chunky peanut butter allowed.

5) Peanut Butter and Jelly

Tried and true. I usually put a little jam or fruit preserve on mine though.

6) Peanut Butter Fudge

You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) eat too much at one sitting of such heavily concentrated peanut butter deliciousness.

7) Peanut Butter as a Dip

You want a quick and delicious snack, slice up an apple and dip it in some PB. You also can’t go wrong with combining PB with a banana although that might require some bread as well. Celery and/or raisins can work too.

8) Peanut Butter Cereal

It is amazing sometimes how much some soggy PB cereal can taste like the real thing. Make sure it’s at least a little wet though from milk, for some reason it unlocks the flavor.

9) Peanut Butter Cookie

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a big fan of the PB cookie. I have no clue why.

10) Peanut Butter Chips

Not like potato/tortilla chips but like chocolate chips. Every cookie is instantly more delightful with a PB chip but don’t ever eat a handful at once, otherwise you might find your bag of PB chips gone before you’re done baking.

For everyone who scrolled down immediately when you heard of the delicious dessert I applaud you. It’s nothing special and requires very little work on your part. Ingredients are chocolate chip cookie (hard ones work better), peanut butter (of course), whip cream. It’s simple, just spread some peanut butter on a cookie and plop a dollop of whip cream on top and you’ve got yourself the greatest easy dessert out there. You can complete the sandwich by placing another cookie on top if you like.



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