NATO night raid leads to the death of 7 civilians

By Divya Prakash,

A NATO raid on Sunday night left seven Afghan civilians dead in Kabul. The civilians were trying to pull the bodies of insurgents from the ruins of a mosque when a bomb exploded in their area.

The initial night raid by NATO was aimed at capturing a Taliban who was hiding out near the village mosque. The man was captured, but insurgents then attacked the NATO forces. This led to a gunfight and the death of four insurgents and one Afghan soldier who was helping NATO forces.

NATO forces left the area well before morning, when locals awoke to a partly destroyed mosque. As they were sifting through the rubble, a bomb exploded. DAWN.com reports that the insurgents were wearing suicide vests, but the explosion may have been caused by other leftover combustibles.

In the operation, NATO troops discovered a cache of weapons at the mosque. These were destroyed, which created a large explosion.

A spokesperson for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in the area said, “I am aware of reports that indicate there may have been civilians killed and ISAF and Afghan officials are assessing the situation to determine the facts”.

US and NATO troops left the village hours before the bomb killed civilians, but this event allowed more fodder for those who are anti-American. Immediately after the explosion, locals began protesting against US troops in Afghanistan. One man, according to Time, screamed “Death to America!” and shook his fists at a news camera.



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