New Myspace launches with Justin Timberlake’s new single ‘Suit & Tie’

By Daniel S Levine,

Justin Timberlake is using his new single “Suit & Tie” to help launch the new Myspace, which he has invested in.

Timberlake and Myspace previewed the redesigned social network in September and had not said when it would launch, but now that Timberlake has released his first since since 2006, this week must have been the perfect time.

Wired notes that Timberlake is using his new single to show how other artists can use the site. They can post their songs for free, letting users listen to them and driving interest in their work. Hopefully, that leads to increased sales for the artists.

Myspace is linked to Facebook and Twitter now and you can also log-in using your old Myspace profile.

Other artists besides Timberlake have already set up profiles, which you can check out at the Discover section. This area covers trending music topics and other new artists, while a Mixes section lets users and artists share playlists.

Timberlake and Myspace have to hope that people will be interested in using the site beyond hearing “Suit & Tie.” While the site looks beautiful and allows you to listen to music for free, it will have to overcome competition from YouTube, Spotify and other music sharing services.

Timberlake teased new music last week and released “Suit & Tie” on Sunday. The track with Jay-Z will be featured on The 20/20 Experience, which Timberlake says will be out this year.

image: Myspace/screenshot



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