'The New Normal' Recap: 'Gaydar'

By Marissa Willstein,

Gay or straight? This is a question that comes up a lot in today’s society but these days, not everyone’s sexuality is so black and white. The metrosexuals, bisexuals and tomboys of the world make placing people into one category or the other almost impossible.

In the beginning of the episode, Bryan shares his latest purchase with David. He went ahead and bought their baby an outfit for his birth announcement. When David sees the white gown that Bryan has selected, he is quick to disapprove.

While Bryan calls it a “classic turn-of-the-century dressing gown,” all David sees is a feminine dress that his son will not be caught dead wearing. David believes that this gown will set their baby up to be gay just like them and the teasing will begin the second people lay eyes on the birth announcement.

While Bryan is pro-dressing gown, David wants their son to sport a football jersey. Bryan rejects this option so the two are left with nothing.

Across town, Goldie and Shania visit the set of Sing. Rocky spots the crewmember she has been crushing on, Chris, and introduces him to Goldie and Shania. After just a few moments, Shania’s gaydar has been activated. She suspects that Rocky’s new crush is 100% gay.

Meanwhile, Jane develops a crush on Brice who works with her at the real estate agency. He gives her a fabulous makeover that transforms her into a fashionable and modern Los Angeles woman and is overly flirtatious throughout the entire process. She wonders if he’s metrosexual or indeed a gay man.

Fed up with receiving mixed signals, Rocky and Jane go to Bryan and David’s house to vent. In an effort to help solve their dilemmas, the gang suggests hosting a dinner party where they try to determine whether Chris and Brice are gay or straight.

The party has started and the first topic of conversation is female Oscar winners. When Brice brings up Diablo Cody’s leopard print gown, everyone’s eyebrows are raised. While discussing top 10 songs, Chris sets off Shania’s gaydar when he recognizes “Diamonds” by Rihanna after she played just a few notes on the recorder.

During a game of Celebrity, focused on “gay-centric” celebrities, the two men are overenthusiastic and win by a long shot. They then sit down to watch Oprah’s Legends Ball because Bryan claims that no straight man can sit through the entire thing without jeopardizing their sanity. Unfortunately for Rocky, Chris is entranced and loving every second of it.

Meanwhile, Jane is relieved when Brice shows no interest and tunes out of the program. However, he hears her say, “The gay test is working.”

Both Chris and Brice storm out furious about the gang’s “gay or straight” test.

Embarrassed by her behavior, Rocky goes to work and apologizes to Chris. He is thankful for her apology and in turn, reveals his true sexuality. He says he is gay and didn’t tell her in fear of losing her as a friend. Rocky appreciates his honesty and says she would love to remain friends.

Jane also takes responsibility for her actions and apologizes to Brice. He isn’t too pleased with her and looks like he’ll be holding a grudge for quite some time. Jane then tells him she needed to know his sexuality because of her developing feelings for him.

She also explains that her ex-husband was a closeted homosexual and she didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. In response, Brice pulls her in for a passionate kiss. Jane is convinced that he is most certainly not gay.

The episode ends with Bryan and David discussing the dressing gown. David comes to the conclusion that he is too concerned with what other people think. He tells Bryan that their son can wear the dress in the birth announcement.

Bryan is thrilled but also has a little surprise for his fiancé. He pulls out a mini football helmet. They are thrilled that the birth announcement will be both confusing and amazing.



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