'The New Normal' Recap: 'The Goldie Rush'

By Marissa Willstein,

This week’s return of The New Normal had me laughing out loud and googly-eyed for a Mr. Matt Bomer who was this week’s special guest star. In this episode, "The Goldie Rush," Bryan and David are forced to engage in family planning while Shania battles mean girls.

Bryan first comes to terms with the big decision that is hanging over his and David’s head during an interview with Ladies Home Journal—a favorite of his growing up. When the question of how many children he wants to have comes up, Bryan realizes that this subject has not been discussed amongst him and his fiancé.

During the interview, Bryan also brings up the point that although he is 100 percent dedicated to starting a family, not everyone sets out to be a parent. For instance, his ex-lover Monty, played by Bomer, had once expressed his desire to be forever unattached. After realizing their differences, Bryan was able to move on to a man who wanted the same things out of life.

Confirming their compatibility, Bryan and David talk later that night and both agree on having three children. They know they're racing against time so the couple immediately sets up an appointment with Gary at Expanding Families.

Gary unexpectedly begins to panic about his own future when listening to Bryan and David’s family plan. He resents the fact that he has been helping others reach happily ever after while he fears he will be single for eternity.

Bryan flashes back to his last run-in with ex, Monty, and how the sexy bachelor professed his newfound desire to find that special someone and start a family. Bryan suggests setting Gary up with Monty and Gary accepts without a second thought.

While the guys are busy family planning and matchmaking, Shania is dealing with a group of bullies. After Shania explains her troubles at school to Nana and Rocky, the two fiery women come up with a few solutions to handle the mean girls.

Nana tells Shania to wear a Nancy Reagan power suit and demand her tormenters to stop while Rocky suggests using a whole bunch of attitude and a slew of hurtful words.

We then see Gary and Monty’s blind date unfold at Bryan and David’s house. While Monty entrances Gary with his mesmerizing eyes and chiseled jaw, Monty doesn’t give the poor guy the time of day. Instead, Goldie receives all of his coveted attention.

Monty is fascinated by Goldie’s pregnancy and runs off with her to learn more about surrogacy and parenthood. After disappearing for over an hour, Monty returns and reveals his decision to hire a surrogate and not just any surrogate. He wants Goldie.

Bryan and David are outraged over Monty asking Goldie to be his surrogate. They don’t want anyone else to have her eggs, especially Monty. Out of anger, the couple storms into his home and argues that Goldie is their surrogate and he can’t take her.

In rebuttal, Monty states that he at least asked Goldie if she had plans of her own. Disregarding her future, Bryan and David sit Goldie down and outline when they would like her to pop out more of their children.

She tells them she is done with surrogacy because she will be too busy creating her own line of children’s clothing. Although they are a bit caught off guard, Bryan and David couldn’t be more proud and happy for Goldie.

Realizing they were at fault, the guys pay a visit to Monty’s home to apologize. They are shocked to find Gary answering the door. That's right. Gary and Monty are officially an item!

The unexpected pair fell in love after Monty caught Gary filming him on the beach and the happy couple is now playing house with Gary’s niece; hoping to one day father their own children.

Shania ends up taking both Nana and Rocky’s advice on how to overcome the mean girls at school. It turns out Rocky’s suggestion of “reading” or unveiling the girls’ flaws and insecurities while portraying a fierce attitude was the key to tackling these bullies.

Once Shania shows them who’s boss, she is quickly granted the role of queen bee and begins her reign over the threesome. Being the wise and sweet person that she is, Shania does not go all Regina George or Blair Waldorf on them. Instead, she asks that they all treat each other fairly and equally.

The girls are quick to agree on her terms and they start to appreciate her weirdness. They even show up to the unveiling of Goldie’s clothing line and are seen wearing her quirky hats.

Yes, Goldie started her children’s collection and named it Awesome Girl; inspired by Shania of course. She starts off small and sets up shop at a local outdoors market. The whole gang including Gary and Monty come out to support her big debut.

Judging by the stack of cash that Nana is seen counting, Goldie’s line is a hit!



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