'The New Normal' Recap: 'Stay-at-Home Dad'

By Marissa Willstein,

The “old normal” family always put the responsibility of caring for the children in the mom’s hands. When it comes to the “new normal” family, there are unanswered questions when it comes to deciding who will be the stay-at-home parent.

Bryan and David are forced to deal with this issue in the episode, “Stay-at-Home Dad.” Their original thought was to hire a nanny since they both have demanding work schedules. However, when they interview possible caretakers, none of them seem good enough for their precious son.

When they realize they have failed at finding a nanny, they start to wonder if one of them should be a stay-at-home dad. Bryan nominates himself for the job but David is wary. Bryan is far from a morning person and not so good at time management.

In order to get a feel for parenting, Bryan and David treat Goldie to a spa week in Sedona and offer to take care of Shania. Goldie is thrilled at the thought of being pampered for a week so she gladly accepts.

While preparing to take care of Shania, Bryan must decide who will produce “Sing” while he’s away. It is Rocky’s dream to be a producer so she jumps at the chance to take on this responsibility. Bryan doesn’t seem too thrilled about leaving his sassy assistant in charge but she convinces him to give her a shot.

When it comes time to ship Shania off to school, Bryan is a hot mess. He takes a Lunesta to get a good night’s sleep but fails to wake up when Shania calls out his name in the middle of the night. When morning comes, he must rush to get her to school in time after getting a late start.

Before heading out the door, Bryan packs Shania an arrangement of bizarre lunch foods including a cheese wheel. Just when he thinks he'll get a much deserved break, Bryan gets a call saying Shania is sick and needs to be picked up from school.

Once they arrive home, Bryan tucks Shania into bed and expects her to just sleep it off. Unfortunately, Shania doesn’t make it that easy for the newbie. She constantly calls for him and lists off a string of requests. By the time David gets home from work, Bryan is on the floor and begging to be relieved of Shania duty.

The following day, David gives parenting a go. His time management is impeccable and even has time to whip up a delicious breakfast for Shania.

The morning is going swimmingly until they arrive at her school. David wonders why there is not a car or student in sight. Shania tells him it’s Saturday and although she doesn’t have school, she does have a princess tea party to attend.

Rocky takes her temporary position a little too seriously and makes some serious changes on set. She calls for more tongue action during a bedroom scene, argues with about every crew and cast member, and cuts down on nonessential amenities such as expensive water bottles. Bryan learns that his employees are outraged by Rocky’s behavior so he rips the job right out from under her.

After the original hosts of the princess tea party bail, David is left in charge. He believes he has everything under control, but is sadly mistaken. The girls take over and abuse the fact that David is new at parenting.

When Bryan comes home, David tells him about the disastrous day with Shania and her monstrous friends. After their two awful experiences, they decide to interview more nannies.

Thankfully, Goldie comes home early and talks some sense into them before they make any rash decisions. She tells them that although they both have their weaknesses, they also both have strengths that compliment each other. While Bryan is incredibly creative but lacks time management, David is the opposite.

The episode ends with Bryan talking with Rocky. Rocky is convinced Bryan is about to criticize her work but instead he congratulates her on a job well done. He says that the episode she produced was so touching it made him cry and she made some great budget cuts.

As a reward, Bryan promotes Rocky to producer and gifts her with her own producer’s chair. She is over the moon about her new promotion and we even see her shed a tear!



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