A new World Record in snowball fights?

By Ryan Becker,

You read that right. Seattle, Washington has just set the record for the largest snowball fight, placing them in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The event, labeled “Snow Day,” took place this past Saturday, January 12, and involved a free-for-all match consisting of over 5,800 people. A Guinness Book of World Records judge confirmed the head count and made the accomplishment official. They beat out the past record of 5,400 set by South Korea.

According to New York Daily News, the event was organized by Neil Bergquist and company, who rented equipment from KLB Construction in order to move 160,000 pounds of snow from Snoqualmie Pass into the currently snowless city of Seattle.

The Washington Post reports that the purpose of the event was not only to bring record numbers to a snow hurling competition, but to also raise money for the local Boys and Girls Club. The event produced over $50,000 from a fort building competition and from wrist band sales to enter the event.

Bergquist who claimed to have come up with the idea by “remembering what is was like to feel like a kid” explained, “We had a lot of fun, set a Guinness record, raised some money for kids, and everyone had a chance to act like a kid for a day.”



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