Nik Wallenda to tight-rope across Florida highway

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Following Nik Wallenda’s successful tight-rope walk across the Niagara Falls, the 34-year-old daredevil is challenging death once again as he is slated to tight-rope walk across 180 feet of a Sarasota, FL. Highway .

Wallenda is expected to attempt the walk Tuesday, NBC News reports.

Unlike his Niagara Falls walk, Wallenda will not use a harness when attempting the Florida highway walk. “I’m risking my life,” Wallenda confessed. “Now it’s just a lot of practice and prayer, that’s about it.”

Wallenda made history last year when he walked 45 minutes across the Niagara Falls in 25 minutes. The walk was approximately 1,800 feet across the Falls.

NBC notes that Wallenda, who refers to himself as the “King of the Wire,” has set six Guinness World records, including the highest bicycle ride on a wire and hanging by his teeth off of a helicopter wire. He has plans in the future to conquer a walk across the Grand Canyon as well.



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