‘Once Upon A Time’ episode recap: 'In the Name of the Brother'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open at the Storybrooke town line. Gold is holding Belle but she doesn’t know who he is. Gold notices that Belle is hurt so he heals her with magic. Belle asks Gold how he did that. Emma, David and Mary-Margaret pull up to the crashed car. Emma notes that the car is from Pennsylvania. Mary-Margaret goes to Belle. Gold tells them that Belle went over the town line and now doesn’t remember anything or anyone. Meanwhile, Emma goes to Hook and tells him he has some broken ribs. Gold then tries to choke Hook but David convinces him to stop by asking what Belle would want. Then, an ambulance pulls up and takes Hook and the unknown man to the hospital.

Shoot to Dr. Whale drinking then fade to a black and white flashback.
Shoot to Victor (Dr. Whale), his brother, Gerhardt and their father. Their father admires Whale’s brother’s silver cross. Their father then gives each of them a gift. He gives Gerhardt a watch that belonged to their now deceased mother. “I wanted to keep it in the family,” the father tells the brothers. Then, Victor opens his gift. It’s a commission into the army. Victor protests that his work is far important to leave it now but his father says he will go into the army as their physician or he will to cut his funding Victor’s work.

Shoot back to Storybrooke. At the hospital, the stranger, Belle and Hook are brought in on gurneys. Gold tries to go in, David stops him, Dr. Whale tells Gold that Belle will be fine.

Shoot back to the black and white flashback. Gerhardt chases after Victor in the rain. He tells him to let their father “cool off.” He then offers him their mother’s watch. He says since Victor was the elder brother, their mother would have wanted him to have it. But, Victor tells Gerhardt to keep it and to not worry about him. “I’ll find another way,” Victor tells Gerhardt as he walks away but as Gerhardt walks away in the opposite direction, we see that Rumplestiltskin has been watching them.
Shoot back to the hospital in Storybrooke. Gold is watching Belle as she lies asleep in a hospital bed. He kneels down and kisses a sleeping Belle. She screams and orderlies come. Gold says he’s sorry then leaves.

Shoot to Emma who is with Hook, who is handcuffed to a hospital bed. She tells him that he cracked a few ribs then asks him where Cora is. Hook evades the question so Emma grabs him where she knows it will hurt. Hook then tells Emma that he doesn’t know where Cora is, “She has her own agenda.” Hook then asks for his hook back. Emma questions why Hook is so “chipper after failing to kill your enemy then getting hit by a car.” “Well, my ribs might be broken but everything else is still…intact,” Hook coyly replies. He then says he hurt Gold another way. “You hurt Belle,” Emma tells him. “I hurt his heart, Belle is just where he keeps it. He killed my love, I know the feeling,” Hook replies. Emma replies that Gold isn’t chained to a bed, has magic and he hurt his girl, “If I were to pick ‘Dead Man of the Year,’ I’d say it’s you,’” Emma then smiles and leaves Hook.

Shoot to everyone trying to hack into the stranger’s phone. Emma appears and says she’s learned the stranger’s name is Greg Mendel then takes his phone to hack into it. She goes through the numbers’ he’s called, a bunch of tourist pictures, sees that he has a LinkedIn account and “he tweets pictures of his food. I’ll keep looking but I think what we have here is a real-life ordinary joe,” Emma tells the others. “So, whatever’s kept random people from stumbling into Storybrooke for the last 20 years is gone,” Ruby interjects. Leroy then mentions movies like Splash where ordinary people find something magical and then study it, “Imagine what they’d do to a girl who turns into a werewolf?” Emma tells everyone not to overreact but David agrees with Leroy, “We don’t need outsiders here.” Emma then tells them that Hook said he doesn’t know where Cora is and who knows what she’s up to. Mary-Margaret then worries about Cora finding Regina. Ruby assures her that she’s been tracking her and she’s gone “underground.” “I don’t want to think about the damage those two could do together. This couldn’t have at a worse time.” Emma assures them that Greg will probably get patched up and be on his way. But, then Dr. Whale tells them that Greg is bleeding from his chest cavity and is likely to drown in his own blood. Emma screams back, “Well, then stop the bleeding. You’re a doctor, aren’t you?” Dr. Whale then approaches Gold to fix Greg with magic. “It will take you seconds and cost you nothing,” Whale tells Gold. Gold refuses saying, “I owe you nothing Whale. I don’t any of you anything and some of you owe me so yeah, just no. And by the way, the driver saw me throw some magic. So, instead of trying to get him outta here, you better be hoping he dies because if he doesn’t, he’ll be driving tour busses up and down main street. So, I’m so glad I don’t give a damn,” Gold then walks away. Whale then tells everyone that “letting him die. That’s easy, if that’s what you decide.” Emma wants to discuss the matter in a more private part of the hospital.

Shoot to everyone going into a break room in the hospital. Whale tells everyone that “it isn’t murder if we just let him succumb to his injuries.” Emma thinks it still is, Mary-Margaret wants to save Greg and David agrees but Leroy thinks that saving him will destroy Storybrooke. “So, we have to choose between our lives and his,” interjects Ruby. “We’ll worry about the town later,” David says. He then tells Whale to prep for surgery on Greg. Whale leaves and Leroy doesn’t look happy. Mary-Margaret then says, “Anyone else notice that he [Whale] is drunk off his ass?” Then, Greg’s cell phone rings with a Star Wars theme song ringtone. “Someone’s looking for Greg, how long before they come here?” Emma replies.

Shoot back to the black and white flashback and Victor packing away his lab. Suddenly, Rumplestiltskin, in color, appears, introduces himself and tells him that’s interested in his work. Victor tells him that he’s too late because he’s been shut down. “I can’t bring back dead loved ones if that’s what you’re asking,” Victor tells Rumple, who laughs. He then says he interested in “how you do what you do. You see, where I come from, we do things differently. Your land has witchcraft but it’s feeble, neglected. Where I live, it’s strong and hearty but it cannot restore life. If you do this, I want to know more and I can pay…” Rumple then pours an endless amount of gold coins out of a bag onto the lab floor. Victor then asks Rumple how he did that. “You’re missing the point. The money…yours but there is a cost. You teach me how to wield what it is you wield, that is the deal,” Rumple tells Victor. Victor agrees. Then, Victor’s assistant, Igor, appears but Rumple disappears before he sees him. Igor then inquires about the gold coins on the floor. Victor then tells Igor that they aren’t leaving as they planned and “we’ll need a body.”

Shoot back to Storybrooke in Gold’s shop. Gold looks at the chipped tea cup that is so special to him because Belle chipped it. He looks outside then at a case sitting in his shop. Suddenly, Cora appears. Gold tells her that he was expecting her at some point, “I’d hoped you were dead but hey.” Cora then tells Gold that she brought him a “peace offering.” Cora says she wants her daughter and tells Gold how “clever you were to get my daughter to lay the curse to come here. You don’t need her anymore. Let me try to get her back. Let us live.” Gold asks what he gets and Cora replies, “Your son.” Gold then opens the case and there’s a glass orb inside. “You do know what that is of course,” Cora asks Gold. “It’ll find him. If this one truly is it.” Cora tells Gold that she has no reason to cheat him. “I want you to find the one person in this universe who might still love you. After all, I’m doing the same thing,” Cora tells Gold. Gold then asks Cora if she has any spells to restore memories. “I only what you taught me…master. So, will you accept my offer of a truce?” Cora replies. Gold answers back, “Truce” and they shake hands on it. “Let’s seal it like we used to,” Cora says. Then, she kisses him.

Shoot back to the hospital. David sees Whale outside the operating room. He’s holding the watch from the flashback and tells David that it’s from Greg’s personal effects. “Too bad it’s cracked. I thought you’d be scrubbing in by now,” David replies. Whale answers, “Yeah, I’m gonna do that.” “Arm okay?” David asks Whale. “I’m not drunk,” Whale shoots back. David tells Whale to save Greg and that he doesn’t care what he saw. “We don’t let go of people,” David tells Whale, who whispers “Of course not,” as David walks away. Whale then looks down at the watch.

Shoot back to the black and white flashback. Victor is in a cemetery digging up graves. It’s raining, Gerhardt, appears and tells Victor that Igor told him where he was. Gerhardt is astonished at what Victor is doing, “I thought you worked with cells in petrie dishes,” Gerhardt tells Victor, who replies, “I thought you supported me.” “Not like this,” Gerhardt replies. Suddenly, a man appears with a gun, presumably a cop trying to stop the grave robbing. Victor screams that Gerhardt is an officer under orders but Gerhardt is shot.

Shoot back to the hospital. Greg’s cell phone rings again and it’s the same person who called earlier. The caller id just says, “Her.” David thinks it’s probably Greg’s girlfriend. Mary-Margret thinks they should answer it and tell “Her” that Greg is okay. But, David says the cops could trace the call to Storybrooke. Mary-Margaret is nervous about the surgery and then an orderly appears saying he’s looking for Dr. Whale. “He never came into the OR,” the orderly tells them. Emma tells the orderly to page him and David says that Whale wasn’t looking too good when he saw him. The orderly pages Whale but his pager goes off in a laundry bin. Emma finds Whale’s coat and pager in the bin. They give Ruby Whale’s coat to pick up his scent. David then tells everyone that “Whale’s had it rough since he brought Regina’s fiancé back to life, got his arm ripped off then put on again.” “Daniel came back?” Mary-Margaret replies. “Like some kind of Frankenstein?” Emma questions. Mary-Margaret then asks David what else went on while her and Emma were gone. Emma then asks Ruby to go search for Whale.

Shoot to Whale running through the streets of Storybrooke.

Shoot back to the black and white flashback. Victor is in his lab promising to bring Gerhardt back to life as he lie on his exam table. Igor is there too as Victor tries to revive his brother but fails. He cuts open Gerhardt and finds his heart has been burnt “like coal” says Igor. Their father then appears saying Victor was seen carrying a body into the house and demands an explanation. He then sees a dead Gerhardt on Victor’s lab table. Victor tries to tell his father that Gerhardt’s death was an accident but he accuses him of causing it. He then sees Victor cut into Gerhardt. They argue and Victor says he did it so he could have both his sons back. “Now I have none,” Victor’s father says as he storms out.

Shoot to Cora at Regina’s house. She’s looking though her clothes then at a picture of Regina with Henry.

Shoot to Henry going to Regina’s father’s mausoleum to find her. Regina is in a magic room and hears and sees Henry. She then lets him in and they hug. Regina tells Henry how she missed him and Henry tells her that he knows she was framed for Archie’s murder. Regina asks Henry how he knew and then Henry turns into Cora who says, “Because I did it.”

Shoot back to the black and white flashback. Rumple visits Victor who tells him he had a problem. Rumple then says that where’s from, “there are hearts that can withstand anything because of magic,” Rumple then tells Victor that he will bring him “to the master of the hat. He shall take you to a young woman who has what you seek. You put on a little show for her and you walk away with a heart for your brother.” When Victor asks the woman’s name, Rumple says it’s “Regina.”

Shoot to Whale’s revived brother murders their father and attempts to murder Whale as well, before Whale stops him.

Shoot back to Storybrooke, Whale’s sudden flashback sends him running in the opposite direction of Storybrooke’s hospital, determined to kill himself rather than cause more harm by performing an operation. Using his scent, Ruby tracks Whale down and confronts him, explaining her own guilt for murdering Peter back in the fairy tale world. Ruby urges Whale to accept his new life in Storybrooke and allow himself to start over, to save lives rather than hurt them. With her encouragement, Whale returns to the hospital and successfully operates on Greg, who makes a full recovery and claims to have been texting and driving into Storybrooke, therefore missing the duel between Hook and Gold.

Shoot to Gold, who is desperate for Belle to remember, Gold finds Belle’s hospital room and brings the chipped cup, which he charmed for her to remember. After his failed attempt at performing True Love’s Kiss to bring back her memory, Gold urges Belle to look at the chipped cup and try and remember their time spent together in the fairy tale world.. Frustrated with both, Gold and herself, Belle throws the chipped cup, breaks both the cup and Gold’s heart. Devastated, Gold returns to his shop, where an enchanted globe was left by Cora helps him locate Baelfire.

Shoot to Cora begging for Regina’s forgiveness and a new chance to start over. Regina initially refuses and attempts to drag Cora across town to confess of her crimes to Mary-Margaret and David. However, using Henry as bait, Cora promises Regina that she can help her win Henry back...for good...if Regina merely forgives her.Though Cora wins Regina back, temporarily, Gold is set on finding his son. Shortly after Emma, Mary-Margaret, and David return from the hospital, Gold storms into Mary Margaret’s apartment, demanding that Emma finally perform her favor for him by coming with him to find Baelfire – and bringing Henry with her. Under the threat that he will murder Hook, Emma complies. After Emma agrees, Golddemands that Belle be kept safe – and that if any harm comes to her, he will kill theentire Charming family.

Shoot back in the hospital, Greg discreetly takes out his cell phone and calls “her," the mysterious caller who attempted to contact Greg numerous times. Though Greg had promised that he didn’t see anything during his accident, he tells “her” that she will not believe what he saw on his journey into Storybrooke.



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