'Paramore' tracklist revealed

By April Chieffo,

Paramore will release the first single off their self-titled fourth album next Tuesday. While fans wait eagerly to hear the full version of “Now,” the full tracklist for Paramore has just been released.

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Paramore will have 17 tracks. According to The Alternative Press, the tracklist is as follows:

1. Fast In My Car

2. Now

3. Grow Up

4. Daydreaming

5. interlude: Moving On

6. Ain’t It Fun

7. Part II

8. Last Hope

9. Still Into You

10. Anklebiters

11. interlude: Holiday

12. Proof

13. Hate To See Your Heart Break

14. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls

15. interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore

16. Be Alone

17. Future

The journey this band has been on and the triumphs and troubles they’ve experienced together will definitely shine through their music this time around. they’ve gone through a period of rebuilding and moving on since 2010 when two members quit the band.

“The whole making of this album was a rediscovering of ourselves as a band and as friends. It was a process that allowed us the freedom to explore new territory artistically and to liberate ourselves as musicians,singers, as people!” members Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy said in a post on Paramore.net last month.

“Now” is the first single off Paramore. It is a song that shows “you can lose battles but come back and win full on wars.” It will be released on January 22. Paramore is due out on April 9.



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