Patrick Dempsey becomes official owner of Tully's coffee (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Grey’s Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey is the official owner of coffee chain Tully’s in Seattle, WA.

As we previously reported, Dempsey confirmed he would bid on the failing coffee chain in order to save hundreds of people's jobs from being ripped out from underneath them.

At the time the actor, who is formally dubbed “McDreamy” by Grey’s fans, noted that he was “excited about the opportunity to save hundreds of jobs, give back to Seattle and become a larger part of the economic growth and fabric of the community.”

Friday, Dempsey officially placed a bid on the chain and won over the likes of Starbucks, who wanted to convert the chain to its brand, Seattle Pi reports.

Once Dempsey won the bid he expressed his pleasure saying, “I'm very excited -- there's a lot of opportunity here for us and for the employees to keep this company intact. But now we have a lot of work to do... we have a good plan and I think in time we'll turn things around."



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