Penthouse nude pictures of Madonna and Arnold Schwarzenegger discovered

By Sarah McClanahan,

Racy images and letters from a variety of well-known figures that once belonged to Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione have surfaced.

Jeremy Frommer, an art collector and hedge fund manager, discussed a worthwhile purchase with ABC News he made this past November.

Frommer had become interested in uncovering the possessions of the deceased Bob Guccione, publisher and founder of the adult magazine Penthouse. Early in 2012, he had purchased a storage locker containing artwork Guccione had created. Before his death in 2010, Guccione left the relics behind when he was forced to declare bankruptcy due to Penthouse’s dwindling circulation.

Although Frommer won’t divulge where or from whom he bought the latest Penthouse contents, he revealed that the haul contained shocking celebrity memorabilia.

Included are never before seen nude pictures of Madonna and the controversial Miss America Vanessa Williams as well as one of Arnold Schwarzenegger engaged in a sexual act. He also found correspondence between Guccione and former Vice President Dick Cheney, the Unabomber, and allegedly Fidel Castro’s mistress.

In previous decades, Frommer notes that the dissemination of news was far different. Before digital media, there were far fewer sources to turn to in terms of celebrity gossip. Further, the ones that existed had physical copies of the ‘evidence’ people submitted.

“In the 1980s there was no internet,” Frommer said. “If you had pictures or a story to sell, you had nowhere to go other than Penthouse. We’ve got thousands of boxes of stuff people sent.”

According to the New York Post, Frommer has since purchased more of Guccione’s estate and has teamed up with producer Rick Shwartz to create an exhibit of his works to preserve his legacy.



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