Pep talk from the ‘Kid President’ of the United States goes viral (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

There is one pep talk that nearly everyone is listening to and it comes from a 9-year-old, self-proclaimed ‘Kid President of the United States.’ The video has earned plenty of attention, letting people know that if they don’t push themselves, they’ll never make anything as great as Space Jam.

The video, posted by Soulpancake, has over 4.2 million views and nearly 50,000 likes. Kid President tells his listeners that we all need some encouragement and uses Michael Jordan as an example. He quotes Robert Frost and Journey and reminds us that “Life isn’t a cereal, either.”

“In high school, what if [Michael Jordan] had quit if he didn't make the [basketball] team?” he asks. “He would have never made Space Jam. And I love Space Jam. What would be your Space Jam? What would you create that would make the world awesome? Nothin' if you keep sitting there.”

The video has gained the attention of celebrities like singer Josh Groban, who even starred in a follow-up video showdown. On Twitter, he’s thanked Jessica Biel and retweeted a message from Zachary Levi.

While Kid President’s identity was kept under wraps for a few days, People reports that the Jackson Sun identified him as Robbie Novak.

“He is without the doubt the funniest kid I've ever met,” Brad Montague, who produces the videos, told the Sun. “He’s intelligent and quick witted. He always has a smile and keeps it positive.”

image: Twitter



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