‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: ‘Misery Loves Company’

By May Chan,
The romance ends for one of the Liars.

The Liars visit a sick Aria, who has told the Liars that she has hidden the pages of Ali’s diary.

While Mona is calling the shots on her desire to show the Liars who’s boss, Toby tells Mona he’ll “take care of it.” Whatever “it” is sounds like it’ll involve Spencer lying to him. However, Toby thinks whatever they’re in a rush to do is too soon. So ambiguous!

Later on that day, Emily heads to Toby’s place to do some Lord of the Flies reading, but she’s really there to get a hold of Toby’s keys for his anniversary with Spencer. Toby asks Emily if she would tell him if Mona was messing with her again, but Emily gives him the shifty eyes lie.

Toby heads to Spencer’s house to take a shower because his shower isn’t working at his place. Even though Toby thinks that Spencer will be preoccupied with her family, Spencer has something up her sleeve regarding their anniversary.

Elsewhere, Meredith visits a sleepy Aria and tries to make it seem like she’s on her side, but instead, Meredith steals her cell phone and goes to tell Ella, Aria’s mother, that Aria is feeling better when in fact she’s not feeling better.

After Hanna listens in on Caleb’s suspicious conversation about trying to protect her, Hanna asks Emily if she can tail Caleb.

And while Emily’s relationship with Paige seems to be going strong, Paige, who we find out is the one Caleb is meeting up with, confides to Caleb that she’s fearful not for herself but for Emily who seems to be numb in the midst of this whole “A” business.

Caleb and Paige agree to bring an end to this by trying to seek out Mona’s “lair.”

In her medicated state, Aria has a dream about Ali, who tells Aria about the blackmailing and who could the ringleader of the “A” team be. Ali also advises that Meredith is seeking those diary pages and that she’s trying to drug Aria. Talk about subtle dream.

As Hanna enters the boutique, where she thinks she will have an interview, she sees a blond figure in a red coat, who looks very similar to Ali, but Hanna dismisses this and goes inside.

Surrounded by faceless hanging mannequins, Hanna gets a rude knockdown from the hooded figure, but the person couldn’t have been Mona, like Emily had said, because Mona was still at school at 4 p.m.

The individual dropped a key with an “A” keychain on it. Could this be a trap for the Liars?

Emily and Hanna try to call Aria, but they assume that she’s sleeping, yet when they see that an angry Meredith is at a drug store trying to get a refill of a prescription, it’s clear that whatever she’s up to, it involves endangering Aria.

When Emily and Hanna arrive at Aria’s house in the middle of a downpour, they are first greeted to no answer at the door. Then, when they attempt to find Aria in her room, they have Meredith creeping up behind them like a scary movie cliché.

Even more predictable is when Meredith tricks Emily and Hanna into going down to the basement only to lock them in with an unconscious Aria.

Byron, Aria’s father, arrives, and the girls, along with a now conscious Aria, are quick to be on the defense. Is Byron in on this craziness with Meredith?

Meanwhile, at the Hastings household, Toby enters “assuming” that Spencer is out of town with her folks. Toby looks for the key with the “A” keychain in the drawer, but when Spencer catches him, he turns around to ask her how did she know.

Spencer shows him the badge with the same name of the mental institute Mona was staying at. Spencer’s mother interrupts the two, and Toby gets away.

When Spencer looks for Toby at his place, she tearfully asks in the doorway if Toby could lie to her. Can this not be true?

Inside, however, is a hoodied Mona sipping on the wine that Spencer has set up for her and Toby’s anniversary.

Spoilers, Questions, and Thoughts:
- Do you think Paige and Caleb working together to take down “A” could come in handy when the Liars need help, or will they get hurt in the process?
- How will Meredith play a role now that she has run away? Could she be part of the exclusive “A” club?
- Will you ever trust Byron now that Aria threw the diary pages into the fire?
- Spencer discovering Toby is part of the “A” team seems like the set-up that Mona had suggested at the beginning of the episode. When Toby told Mona they might be rushing this part of the plan, do you think that Toby still loves Spencer?

Here is a preview of next week's episode:

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