‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: ‘Mona-Mania!’

By May Chan,
The Liars don’t buy the nice Mona act.

Aria and Byron, Aria’s father, have a heart-to-heart conversation that doesn’t exactly involve an apology.

Meanwhile, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily head to the janitor’s office, but what they encounter is the mysterious hooded figure and what appears to be Ali’s journal with a note: “Keep moving, ladies. Nothing to see here. –A” Smart move, “A.” Smart move.

At the coffee shop, the Liars discuss their anxiety dreams. Who knew Hanna had dreams about growing bald from getting gum stuck in her hair?

Mona interrupts the girls’ conversation by sharing her concerns over Harold, the janitor. She claimed that Harold was stalking her; hence, Harold disappeared.

While at school, Hanna catches a jumpy Lucas. Hanna recognized the hooded figure to be Lucas but neglected to tell her friends. Lucas expresses his fear of Mona and lets Hanna know that he was the one who almost blew up Meredith.

Aria visits her mother’s classroom and questions Ella on the night when Ali went missing. Ella reveals to Aria that Byron poured her one too many drinks. Ella feels guilty for sleeping in the morning after Ali went missing. And guess who walks by to eavesdrop on this revelation? A Meredith with a smirk on her face.

Spencer meets up with her debate members to take her position as team captain, but when Mona suddenly joins the debate team, it looks like Spencer will face off with Mona on a quiz-off to see who will become team captain. Not only that, but we finally find out who the student was who rode off into an accident from last episode.

After the meeting adjourns, Spencer receives a threat from “A” to give up her position.

When Hanna and Emily talk with Aria about any updates, Aria tries to find the diary entry about Byron, but when she tries to look for it in her boot, her father appears in the doorway, implying that he knew her hiding place. Aria knows he knows.

At Lucas’s house, Hanna finds out from Lucas that Mona had been blackmailing him and that he’s supposedly a middleman because Mona has the answer key to every course in Rosewood High. Lucas also thinks that Mona was the one who tried to run him over with an SUV, but we know it was Toby who was the driver.

Elsewhere, Emily and Paige make their way to a party when Paige nervously gets out of the car. Paige describes her anxiety after Halloween night. When the girls return to the car, they discover that the tire is slashed. When there’s a rustle in the bushes, Emily chases after the hooded figure only to lose him.

At the Montgomery household, Aria catches her father having an argument with Meredith that gets a bit physical. When Aria follows Meredith to a coffee shop, Meredith reveals to Aria that she saw Byron that night but he had left to meet Ali. Meredith then tells Aria that he caught Bryon snooping in Meredith’s purse, mistaking it for Aria’s.

When Meredith looked to see what Byron had taken, she discovered the diary entry and hands it over to Aria. Meredith knows the context of what had happened that night when Ali was discovered to be missing.

As the quiz-off proceeded, Spencer looks to be winning, yet she later admits to being too cocky after getting beaten by Mona.

Hanna tells Mona during the debate team celebration that she’s onto her and what she has done to Lucas, prompting “A” to send a text to Hanna stating that it was a bad idea to cut Mona off.

In the end, Mona stalks Byron leaving his office as she makes a phone call. Another member of the “A” team is seen hiding the masks found in the janitor’s office under a pile of leaves.

Spoilers, Questions, and Thoughts:
- That was a pretty intense scene between Aria and Meredith. Do you think that Meredith is officially on Aria’s side, or is there an ulterior motive to what she shared?
- Do you think that Lucas revealing too much may eliminate him from the “A” team for good?
- Why do you think that Toby slashed the tire?
- What are you looking forward to finding out next episode?

Here is a sneak preview of next week's episode:

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