‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 14 'She’s Better Now'

By Sarah McClanahan,

Mona’s return to Rosewood has the Liars wondering whether she can be trusted. More people close to them are becoming suspicious.

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, Toby was revealed to be part of the A-team. Meredith, the woman Aria’s dad, Byron Montgomery, cheated on his wife with, received a job as a teacher at Rosewood High. Ezra’s ex and the mother of his (unknown to him) child, Maggie, is back in his life. On the Halloween train, Garrett Reynolds was killed.

On tonight’s episode, Mona was released from confinement at Radley. She sneaks into Hanna’s house in the middle of the night, and attempts to convince her she is a changed person seeking forgiveness. Hanna feels sorry for her because Mona has no one on her side, and thinks she truly wants a fresh start. Hanna’s grandma believes she has something to hide because she is trying too hard.

Emily’s dad has become uber-protective. He installed an app that keeps the house on lockdown where an alarm will sound if she tries to leave, claiming it is for her own good because the town is no longer safe.

Spencer is tense throughout the entire episode, not wanting to get intimate with Toby because she has too much on her mind. She believes Mona is connected to the NAT club, and wants to ignore her at school because she must be plotting and scheming.

As Mona is seen growing closer to Jason, Spencer grows worried and warns him multiple times that she can’t be trusted, but Jason doesn’t listen to her concerns.

Not only is Meredith teaching at Rosewood High, but she is the replacement teacher for all of the Liars. After taking Aria’s phone during class, she speaks with her after class, warning Aria to do her job as a student and graduate so she can do her job as a teacher. She does not want the bad blood between them to affect their student-teacher relationship, but Aria cannot easily forgive her.

Outside, Mona finds a cow's brain stabbed with a knife inside her locker along with a note, “Takes one mad cow to know another.” She walks it to the trash as dozens of students look on and film her with their phones. The Liars feel sorry for her, claiming she is brave for all that she has had to deal with recently.

Lucas is seen limping, and the Liars wonder if he was the one Aria stabbed when someone tried to throw her off the Halloween train. When he stops by Hanna’s house to give her money he owes Caleb, she questions him, but he remains silent. Although she has seen him talking to Mona, all she can get out of him is a simple, “Sorry” and that he was hurt in a skateboarding accident. Coincidentally, at the beginning of the episode, a skateboarder was nearly run off the road by a truck driven by Toby.

Mona talks to the janitor, who the Liars realize is Creepy Harold, the worker they met when following the A-trail at the Lost Woods Resort. Inside his office, they realize he has some suspicious belongings, like a mask that may or may not belong to A. They decide to investigate later.

Aria finds a congratulatory “It’s a boy!” basket outside of Ezra’s apartment and quickly disposes of it.

Caleb finds a transcript of the conversation between Mona’s parents and the principal. The Liars find out she lied to them. She had, in fact, begged to come back to school, which Caleb guesses was because she had unfinished business, mainly to continue terrorizing them.

Emily switches SIM cards with her dad to disarm the alarm system and sneak out of the house. She meets up with Aria, Spencer, and Hanna to sneak into the janitor’s room during a charity race.

Inside, they find Ali’s diary, and a page about an interaction between her and Byron. He had been giving her money to keep quiet about his affair with Meredith, but had gotten angry with her pestering and become verbally and physically abusive. The Liars hear someone in the hall, so they tear out the page. Face to face with Harold the janitor, Toby appears and allows the Liars to escape with the diary entry.

During the time they were investigating, a fire had been started in one of the buildings. Meredith had been inside, so she was rushed to the emergency room for her burns.

Byron believes the girls wrote the note that caused Meredith to go back into the building before it was set ablaze.



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