'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Season 3, Episode 15 'Mona Mania'

By Sarah McClanahan,

While Mona may be out of confinement, she is quickly proving not to be cured. As the pieces of the 'A' puzzle come together, Byron Montgomery grows more suspicious.

The episode begins with Hanna, Spencer, and Emily returning to see what they can uncover in the janitor's room. As they open the door, a hooded figure rushes out.

As they look around, they notice everything in the room is missing except for a journal. Thinking it is Ali's, they open it. However, they find out is just a decoy with a message: "Keep moving. Nothing to see here, ladies" --A

All of the Liars catch up in a coffeeshop, and Mona walks over to them, piping into their conversation that she hasn't been able to sleep soundly lately, either. She reveals Harold, the janitor, had been stalking her and had bribed the real custodian for the job. Apparently, she and Harold had a confusing relationship when their talks took an inappropriate turn.

Hanna finds Lucas, and tells him that she knows he was the hooded figure in the basement that ran out of the janitor's room. He says that they aren't safe now that Mona is back, and must do everything they can to stop her. Lucas doesn't understand why Hanna isn't more freaked out about her return. He further admits that he was the one behind the explosion that hurt Meredith.

Emily invites her girlfriend Paige to a party in the woods, claiming the pair has been cooped up recently and deserve some free time together outside. They agree to go together, as long as they are back early enough to abide by Emily's curfew.

At school, Aria talks with her mom, Ella, inside her classroom. Her mom is upset at that the recent newspaper articles are focusing on Garrett Reynold's death instead of Ali's unsolved murder. She apologizes for sleeping late the morning she disappeared and not being able to comfort her daughter. Apparently, she and Byron had drank too much wine and she could have slept through "a stampede".

Spencer is running for captain of the student activities commission, and thinks she is running unopposed until Mona shows up as a new member as part of her recovery plan. They each receive an equal number of votes because Mona has had some time to do some "early campaigning" so they decide to do a quiz-off the following day.

The Liars agree that Mona is being conniving, and eerily similar to Ali.

Meredith apologizes to Ella for jumping to conclusions and blaming Aria for the explosion. The two hope to continue on a professional level now that Ella has started seeing someone new and Byron has moved on.

In her room, Aria realizes that the pages from Ali's diary she had hidden in her boot have gone missing. Byron coincidentally appears at the door, and asks if she lost something. "He knows," Aria concludes, gulping, realizing he must have the entries.

Toby lies to Spencer saying he is having dinner with his boss, while he is really on a secret A-mission.

Hanna stops by Lucas' house. He is distraught, ready to leave Rosewood High to get homeschooled because Mona is still blackmailing him. She is aware he used to sell test answers, so when he tried to stop helping her, she hired someone to run over him with a truck. That incident scared him enough to make him want to disappear forever.

Aria opens the door to a vicious argument between her dad and Meredith. "I will not let you run away from me!" He shouts, grabbing violently at her burned arm. He shuts the door on Aria before she can see any more.

On the way to the party in the woods, Emily pulls over because Paige is having an anxiety attack. She knows Emily wants a strong girlfriend, but she can't help being scared considering the events that have happened. Her only restrictions about going outside have been self-imposed.

Aria follows Meredith to a nearby coffeeshop to question her about her father's weird behavior. Aria discovers Meredith saw her father snooping in her bedroom and rifling through papers, and she managed to steal the diary pages without him noticing. Additionally, she tells Aria that she knew about Ali blackmailing Byron. In fact, Byron came to her place the night before Ali's disappearence. He left her house to meet Ali, and the next day she was gone.

Back from a quick walk around the forest to clear their minds, Paige and Emily find someone clashed one of their tires. Emily sees a hooded figures at the edge of the woods and chases him, but then gives up. The camera pans, and Toby's face emerges beneath the black hoodie.

During the quiz-off, Spencer and Mona appear neck and neck for the first three rounds. In the end, Spencer gets nervous and loses her concentration on the tie-breaking question, allowing Mona to claim victory as the new captain of the student activities commission.

At a congratulatory party, as Mona is passing out cupcakes, Hanna confronts her. Still whirling from her conversation with Lucas, she sternly calls Mona a manipulating user that didn't deserve her guilt, sympathy, or hospital visits. She wants nothing to do with her anymore.

Spencer is not sure if Hanna did the right thing because Mona is stronger. She no longer has to hide behind 'A'. She might be able to take them down out in the open.

Aria is sick in bed with the flu. Meredith visits and brings her a warm tea concoction to help her feel better.

How do you think Spencer will react when she finds out she is dating someone who is apart of the A-team? Now that she has gained some power, when and where will Mona strike next? Now that they know the 'truth', how long can Meredith and Aria keep Byron's actions a secret? Remember, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.



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