'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Season 3, Episode 16 'Misery Loves Company'

By Sarah McClanahan,

In this episode, Meredith proves she is untrustworthy as she threatens and physically harms Aria. Spencer also horrifically realizes her boyfriend Toby is part of the A-Team.

Aria is still sick, and her father Byron is away at a conference. She has promised Meredith to not talk to her mom Ella about the diary entries until she first discusses it with Byron. If her dad hurt Ali, Aria swears that this is one family secret she could not keep to herself.

Toby is plotting with Mona, but is worried they are rushing through their plan and wants to slow down. They are shown disarming a system on the computer.

The Liars are keeping their lips sealed about Mona's actions against them once again. When Toby questions Emily, she assures him that Mona has not bothered them since her return from Radley.

Hanna is stressing about an interview she has with Corin's, a well-known Philly designer. As she picks out an appropriate outfit, she overhears Caleb talking to someone about stopping Mona. He tells her that it was his mom on the phone, but Hanna doesn't believe him, and doesn't want him to get involved.

Spencer is planning to surprise Toby with a special dinner for their anniversary. He believes she is having dinner with her family because her dad is accepting an award.

Aria's phone mysteriously goes missing after Meredith checks on her at home. Later in the day, Meredith attempts to convince Ella that Aria is feeling better, and Aria's phone is shown stashed in her purse. Ella tries to call her daughter, and Meredith immediately ignores the call.

Emily reluctantly agrees to follow Caleb after school because Hanna has the interview and seems worried about his well-being.

'A' interrupts Hanna's "interview," which turns out to be another trap. Apparently the store had moved locations months ago. The lights shut off, and 'A' chases Hanna around the mannequins, finally leaving her alone with a note which threatens, "Next time you'll be left faceless."

Paige tells Emily she is going to talk to someone after school about her anxiety, but she is really meeting Caleb for coffee. Emily almost catches the two together, but a text from Spencer about Hanna's interview disaster interrupts her mission.

Aria dreams that Ali is wandering around her house. Ali reveals she was desperate for money from Byron, and warns Aria against drinking Meredith's concoction.

Awake from the dream, Aria realizes someone has locked her inside her room.

Spencer and Emily see Meredith arguing with a pharmacist, trying to buy a lot of pills without a prescription. The Liars realize that she has been drugging Aria to induce constant sleep.

Emily and Spencer rush over to Aria's house because they can't reach her over the phone. They run into Meredith, who suspiciously tells them that Aria is looking for flashlights in the basement but they should check on her because she has been down there for a while. As they walk down the steps, she stays at the top and locks them inside.

The Liars find Aria lying unconscious on the floor from when Meredith knocked her out.

Byron returns from his conference a day early to find Meredith lounging on the couch. She admits that Aria and her friends know everything and have evidence about Ali bribing him for money.

He finds the girls in the basement, and swears to them he had nothing to do with Ali's murder. He tells them he didn't give her the money she asked for, and had walked away that fateful night before anything got out of hand.

Off early from work, Toby sneaks into Spencer's house. She appears behind him, asking, "Looking for this?" The A key dangles in her hand. As he turns around in his classic black hoodie, she slaps him. He asks her how long she has known, and she flashes him his ID card from Radley. When Spencer's mother appears, Toby disappears.

Byron vows to tell the police everything. All he wants is for Aria to realize he had nothing to do with Ali's death. However, Aria does not find this necessary, and says she believes him. To prove those words, she throws the diary pages into the fire.

Spencer arrives at Toby's apartment, crying and pleading for him to tell her more of the story so she can understand. From the looks of it, he is not even inside. Mona is sitting alone at the dining table eating the anniversary dinner Spencer had prepared.

Where has Meredith run off to, and when will she return to terrorize the girls? How are Caleb and Paige planning to stop Mona? What will Spencer do now that she knows Toby is part of the A-team? And more importantly, is Spoby over for good?



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